Welcome to Gohar Educational Campus, we are a community that stands out for being welcoming and loving. CSS educates over 4,000 and we are proud of the fact that our graduates are ready to lead in a multiracial, multiethnic world. We urge prospective families to visit our school to see for themselves how committed we are to providing students with an excellent education in a setting that values honesty. Pioneering education since 2016, CSS inspires the young leaders of tomorrow. We send our students toward a future beyond our imagination, toward challenges that require complex, global, and bold responses. Academically successful, curious, critical thinkers, courageous, reflective risk-takers, and globally-minded contributors, in charge of their lives and their destinies. We nurture our students to flourish and make a positive difference. We give to our students so that they can give back to the community. We built a special place where ideas are brought to life. We nurture, challenge, and inspire all of our students.

Principle Message

True education enhances physical and mental capabilities of a student. It serves its purpose if it helps in grooming academics, social, emotional and spiritual qualities to the best to convert one into a good human being.

It has been witnessed that unexpected but rapid and tremendous changes are taking place globally. Consequently all sorts of values and cultural activities of any country are involuntarily influenced. On the top of it technologically driven knowledge has brought a revolution in the realm of education. Pakistan is not an exception to it. Need to compete, connect and co-ordinate skillfully for the student was never so inevitable as is required today. The demands and standards of education are on the increase to an amazing extent.

Keeping this universal trend in view every conscious effort is being made to prepare our students to meet such challenges comfortably. An equal emphasis is placed on the academics and character building of a student at GEC.

I staunchly believe that good education matters a lot. Even if one, for any reason does not become professional he is bound to be a good person as: “Education is an ornament in prosperity a big refuge in adversity”.

You are welcome to visit GEC. Certainly you will find it a different world.

“Maturity with purity is surety to success”

Our Vision

At Gohar Education Campus, we aim to foster individual excellence and life goals within a global educational environment. Guided by reflective practices and enduring knowledge, we integrate societal values to shape a well-rounded educational experience.

Our Mission

“We at Cornerstone aim to build and foster our future young leaders by shaping their intellect with the desired knowledge, skills, abilities, and character enabling them to briskly fit into the society to help create a great and happy world. To achieve our goal of educational excellence in the international educational environment, we are working with schools, government, and international organizations to develop and implement our programs blended with best practices and evaluation mechanisms. Our educational programs help our young ones to be caring towards themselves and others, and develop a taste for learning in whatever they do and wherever they are.”

Meet Our Team

Teachers are trained for lesson plans. Weekly classes are conducted by teachers for training to provide their students with a highly passionate team of qualified teachers delivering a balanced curriculum based the best standards and practice used .

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