From Founder’s Desk

Zia H.Mian, The founder of Mian Ali Gohar Trust who always believed that the cultivation of intellectuals and physical faculties of the students, their academic and sports activities should be trained and nurtured side by side. This was the basic tenet of Mian Ali Gohar Trust created to serve the cause of high quality education to the Pakistan Society.
As a chairman of the Trust, it had been my earnest desire to build an educational institution by creating a team of teachers and managers capable of setting an excellent standard of education in Pakistan. Academic excellence alone is not our goal. We wish to prepare a generation of students who should be capable of meeting the great challenges of the present-day world. To achieve this end, our stress would always be on the extra curricular activities of student’s talent

Best Wishes,

Zia H.Mian

Founder and CEO

Principal message

I am honored and humbled by this opportunity to serve you and your children at this institution. I am committed to ensure that we provide the best possible educational experience for every student. We are auditing the ways we have been doing things and making the necessary changes needed to provide continuous support to all the students. My team has high expectations from the students and provides best possible learning environment. We continue to work as a team of students, parents, teachers and community to gain knowledge and develop social skills in order to be successful in their academic pursuits. I expect the students to become well-rounded adults, contributing to our community as a result of their holistic development at Gohar Educational Campus

I sincerely believe that if we all work together with a focused plan, we will become one of the most successful schools in the city. I look forward to work with everyone and celebrate every step we take as we move closer to success..!!

Our Mission

  • Providing high quality education based on best practices of pedagogy and child psychology
  • Inculcating joy of learning and encouraging a positive and stress free attitude to the process of learning
  • Helping each child attain his/her full potential through exposure to learning materials and practices that encourage brain development and creative thinking
  • Imbibing the right moral, ethical, and social values in young minds
  • Creating a learning environment that is safe and inclusive
  • Fostering a positive approach towards life and compassion towards others

Our Vision

Bright, caring, and happy children who set themselves apart in everything they do; children going on to become successful and considerate individuals who, regardless of their choice of profession, lay the foundation for a stable and progressive society while staying in touch with their culture and roots. We seek to encourage innovation, promote productivity, and enabling students to make connections and share discoveries. We believe that all aspects of a child need Furtherance : physical, social, emotional and cognitive. Therefore children learn best in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared environment. GEC school faculty incorporate new skills into their teaching to engage students with diverse and collaborative learning experiences for students.

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