Zia H.Mian, The founder of Mian Ali Gohar Trust who always believed that the cultivation of intellectuals and Mian Zia-ul-Hassanphysical faculties of the students, their academic and sports activities should be trained and nurtured side by side. At present the education in Pakistan has become more of a commercial enterprise and due to mushroom growth of the schools in unhygienic nooks and corners of the fast developing towns and cities without proper academic and sports facilities only create unhealthy minds. Education activities according to him must proceed in a most salubrious environments which only can guarantee a highly disciplined and enlightened society.

This was the basic tenet of Mian Ali Gohar Trust created to serve the cause of high quality education to the Pakistan Society.

As a chairman of the Trust, it had been my earnest desire to build an educational institution by creating a team of teachers and managers capable of setting an excellent standard of education in Pakistan. Academic excellence alone is not our goal. We wish to take full care of student’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development for which we are duly equipped with spacious play grounds, computers and all audio-visual aids. We wish to prepare a generation of students who should be capable of meeting the great challenges of the present-day world. To achieve this end, our stress would always be on the extra curricular activities of student’s talent.